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There are 27 of these things, I made them all at driving creek earlier this year. When I came to glazing them, I opened all the glazes they have at DCP, all at once, which is a big no no I was soon to find out. Some of them might be Barrys recipes and some of them might be any other potter that’s been about the place.

But one by one I tried out each glaze on these knobs. 

They went in like freshly iced little Chelsey buns, into the big brick kiln. 60 hours later they all came out like this, all slimy and brown, looking like they’ve been in a cave or under the sea for a real long time.

They’re not only for doors though, you can attached them to just about anything you can put a hole or a screw in. 

Knob height: 82mm 

DOOR KNOB MOUNT if you wanna put it on a door or cupboard, this involves a bolt going through something up to 50mm thick, unless specified. (not for turning knobs)

Email me for further specs if you want.

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